Monique Darton Directs Francesco Rulli

Uploaded on Wednesday 1 February 2012


We enlisted model Monique Darton to switch roles and get behind the camera to take the lead as director and interviewer of this video shoot with Film Annex's president Francesco Rulli.

Their discussion will enlighten you on Francesco's relationship with John Malkovitch which lead to Film Annex's creation, his "Piggy Bank", politics and the appeal of Ariana Huffington.

Monique raises the level of energy on set to get him to open up about these and many more topics.

We look forward to having new talent on both sides of the camera interacting on the infinite topics of discussion
that New York City brings to the door step of the Film Annex studio.


Language: English

Year of Production: 2012

Length: 4:04

Country: United States


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