Models Acting ~ 'Traffic' ~ Silvia Felicianos

Uploaded on Monday 25 April 2011


A wise man once said, "Better to be an hour early than a minute late..."

Unquestionably, sometimes we don't heed this simple warning and push the envelope of the ever ticking, completely unforgiving clock. Life presents many opportunities and some are sidetracked or completely missed by a red light, an unset alarm clock, or an empty Metro Card. Seconds can change a life forever.

Silvia Felicianos:

Role Models Management ( superstar Silvia Felicianos took some time from her hectic schedule of castings to spend a few hours with us on the West Side of Manhattan to do our version of a shoot. How refreshing it was for us to work with this statuesque and lovely Carioca, who now resides in Mexico City. Some fabulous photos of Silvia can be seen here:


Language: Music

Length: 1:38

Country: United States

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